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Welcome to 8th Grade Algebra!
Please note that all homework assignments are listed in blue font on the right side of this page.  Each homework assignment can be downloaded from the folder below labeled Algebra Homework Worksheets

Remember that the purpose of algebra homework is to deepen understanding of the concepts that have been discussed in class.  Don't just "get it done"; apply yourself, think, and use homework as a tool to reinforce and enhance what we are learning in class!  Algebra homework is designed to take 20-30 minutes per night, 4 nights per week.  If you have worked diligently for 30 minutes (with TV, Facebook, etc, all off!), stop, and write me a note on the assignment - you will still receive full credit.  I do not want students working on algebra homework for more than 30 minutes on any given evening. 

Homework assignments are updated on this site daily.  Grades are posted on Power School and updated every two weeks.
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